Jianna + Matt | Engagement Portraits

This couple made my job easy! Not only are they so incredible sweet together, they look like Barbie and Ken, but they were super comfortable posing in front of the camera for their engagement shoot.

I photographed them last month when I was back in Florida. We covered a lot of grounds in the River District of Fort Myers, FL capturing their engagement pictures.  And we lucked out with some awesome natural lighting, thank you clouds! 🙂

It was hard to narrow down my favorites engagement photos to put up here, so warning..there’s a lot!

Congratulations, Jianna and Matt…looking forward to your wedding day! 🙂

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Introducing Lavery|Newborn and Baby Photography

This sweet little angel totally made my day!  I had the opportunity to photograph this newborn at 8 days old (or should I say 8 days new?).  And from putting on her first tutu throughout the entire shoot she was a the perfect model!

Typically with babies at this age, we plan to do all sleeping poses and those are usually my favorite, but….I think this one is my favorite. 🙂

1See what I mean?  Such a poser already! {swooning!}

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This one cracks me up…so much tulle with those little, tiny baby feet!

6 9 9a 10 11 12Congratulations to Lavery’s mommy and daddy!  Your little girl is absolutely adorable!

Carissa + John, a wedding in Naples, Florida

This was a special wedding for me to kick off my first wedding of 2014!  Our lovely friends, Carissa and John, got married last week at The Quarry in Naples, Florida.  Even though it ended up being a bit wet and rainy, it was still such a beautiful day.  They got married under the breezeway overlooking palm trees and water.  You have to love those fantastic Naples landscapes.

Congratulations Carissa and John, so excited for you two!

Here’s a little sneak peek…

1aJust a little fun with this one…since they are both police officers 😉23 5 6  7b 8 10 11

Christie + Randy, Outside Engagement Portraits

I’m excited to show off these engagement portraits we took last month at Koreshan State Park in Estero.  Love how they turned out!  Beautiful day, beautiful location, and beautiful couple!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Christie and Randy, how they met and especially loved their engagement story (which included an elaborate day long scavenger hunt, Christie’s best friend flying down and of course a “yes”!).  I’m positive their wedding day will be very special.  Can’t wait for their big day!

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Tabitha + Bill, Lighthouse Beach Sanibel

I photographed Tabitha and Bill’s engagement portraits at Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island…at sunrise!  Such a sweet and fun couple, props to them both for getting up early!  I don’t often get to shoot in the early morning hours (mainly because my bed discourages it 😉 ), but I must say how pretty the sunrise on the beach is…so fresh and new.

I’m so pumped to photograph their wedding next month…congratulations Tabitha and Bill!  1


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Amanda + Anthony, River District Engagement Session

We took a little break from beach sessions to capture Amanda and Anthony’s engagement portraits in downtown Fort Myers.  I just love how versatile the River District can be.  And this smoking hot couple was a blast to work with…so photogenic and easy-going!

Congratulations Amanda and Anthony…your upcoming wedding(s) are going to be amazing, I’m positive of that. 🙂  Cheers!

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Courtney + Kyle, winter engagement

The summer weather is pretty much here in FL, so as I look back over this winter engagement session I shot last month in Ohio, I somewhat long for a little cooler weather.  I’m sure all you Northerners are longing for the warmer weather..so all I can say to that is COME ON DOWN! 🙂

This session was special for two reasons.  One, this is my drop dead gorgeous sister-in-law!  And two, I have been dying to do a shoot in the snow!  But wow, was it cold.  Props to Courtney and Kyle for dealing with the frigid weather for the photos.  I definitely think you two should come down here now so you can replace the sled with a surfboard. 🙂

Congratulations…so excited for you both!!!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Oh, and a huge thank you to my husband for assisting on this shoot.  Without you this wouldn’t be possible.  There, is that enough praise for you Josh?  haha.. 😉

Happy New Year!

As usual another year has flown by so quickly!  So in an effort to do something “year end-ish” I journeyed back through the images of people we had the opportunity to photograph in 2012.  This has been the most fun year YET!  I truly want to thank you all for your business, loyalty, friendship and artistic freedom!  I love my job so much and you have all given me such an amazing year.   I look forward to serving you this next year!

So here is just a small collection of 2012.  And in the words of Benjamin Franklin.  “Be at war with your vices; at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”

Cheers and have a very HAPPY 2013!!!

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Geoff + Sarah, surprise engagement

I’ve been dying to get these photos up here!  A couple weeks ago we photographed a surprise engagement proposal on Naples beach.  Geoff had called me months ago to let me know he and his girlfriend would be flying into town and he would be popping the question on the beach.  He was amazing with all the details and covered his tracks so well!  I had my doubts, I thought for sure Sarah would have some idea, but as you can see from the first photo, she was shocked!  My husband and I stood at a distance from them while Geoff got down on one knee and asked her the question.  All we could hear from Sarah was complete surprise…and finally after the shock wore off a bit, she said yes!  I don’t normally get to take engagement photos on the day it happens, but it was so fun!  Sarah’s mind must have been racing a mile a minute!  It was so sweet to see all Geoff’s hard work and detailed planning turn out beautifully…even the ring fit perfectly! 😉  Congratulations Geoff and Sarah and Happy Wedding Planning!