Jacki + Jeff, River District Lifestyle Shoot

Here’s to a week all about LOVE! All of my photoshoots this week have been couples – ranging from boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, married for 8+ years and married for 50 years (awesome!).  I thought it was fitting that they all happened to have their sittings the week of Valentine’s Day.  And in between shoots, I finished up this gorgeous couples print order and once again realized I haven’t posted any from their sitting (not surprising, right?! Haha, I’m trying to blog more!).

Anyway…here they are! Such an awesome couple, and I’m totally jealous of her super-sweet southern accent (would it be weird if I tried out a southern accent?!)!

Starting off with my favorite 🙂
And ending on one of my favorites…I love it when the man can make her smile! 😉

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